What is this life that we live all about? Most of the time we find ourselves in a chaotic dance between a sense of fulfillment and of despair. In our modern society, business and productivity are held in the highest esteem. When space or time presents itself during our day, we often fill it, with the idea that then we will have more space and time on another day. With all of this focus and energy on outward achievement, the sound of the wind in the trees, clouds floating by, and the sunlight on our skin, slip away from our attention.

We are creatures of this earth and nature has designed us to have incredible minds with adaptive abilities. Somehow in the last few hundred years we have become alienated to the wild parts of ourselves. It is no wonder that striking a balance between who we truly are (and I mean TRULY in our heart of hearts) versus who we think we "should" be, can be so challenging. With that said, I am not here to condemn the incredible advances we have made, or to reject the culture we live in. Instead, I aim to offer a refreshing perspective and highlight simple ways to find balance, reduce personal suffering, and increase overall health and well being. Whether you have been wanting to start a meditation or mindfulness practice, or already have one in place, this has been created for you. 

I have found transformative power in opening to this wildness inside of me and incorporating it into my meditation and mindfulness practice. Suddenly the mundane, the uncomfortable, and the scary components of my life began to shift into something I could have never anticipated. 

I invite you to join me here at Wild Meditations, and begin to delve into a practice that will reconnect you to your immutably indigenous and wild self.

The discovery

Each of us are creatures of the wild. Our blood and tears share the salt from the ocean. Our bodies can only survive from the food provided by the earth. Any separateness from nature is an illusion.

Forgotten but not lost

The fact that we are animals and that we are deeply connected to this earth is not “new” information….I know this….you know this…but we can all admit that we DO forget this…

Wild Meditations in life


What are “Wild Meditations” you ask? You take regular meditation - a mental state of being aware of the present moment- and you add a twist of the mystical energy of which every atom in this universe is made of.


Living each sacred moment as it comes.