The Beginnings of a Wild Life

yoga in nature

I want to be real with you here. I don’t live in a yurt…I sometimes eat cinnamon toast crunch cereal. I have yet to howl at the moon while naked (I have done so fully clothed though). I am sitting on my cushy couch wearing basically a socially acceptable blanket (a wool poncho) that I recently purchased from Anthropologie. I am very much a part of the modern world. I understand the desire and draw to remodel kitchens and bathrooms…. What I am hoping to illustrate to you is that I’m not here to judge your life. My personal goal is to re-ignite the wildness that resides in you. To inspire you to live according to your true nature. To reach beyond the “normal” or “conventional bounds” our culture has imprinted onto our minds. 

Each of us are creatures of the wild. Our blood and tears share the salt from the ocean. Our bodies can only survive from the food provided by the earth. Any separateness from nature is an illusion. I can feel this wildness inside of myself..the rhythm of my heart beat and my breath. I can feel it in the ebb and flow of my emotions and passions.

I have found transformative power in opening to this wildness inside of me and incorporating it into my meditation practice. Suddenly the commonplace, the mundane, the dull things in my life began to shift into something I could have never anticipated. 

I invite you to join me here at Wild Meditations, and begin to delve into a practice that will reconnect you to your immutably indigenous and wild self.