"Don't Just Do Something. Stand There."

"Don't Just Do Something. Stand There."

Why is it that when space presents itself in our lives there is this strong urge to fill it? And I mean STRONG urge. We cram our brains, our stomachs, our homes, and our schedules so full that there is little to no space in our lives for digestion and assimilation.

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The Dilemma Of Clutter

The Dilemma Of Clutter

I remember years ago reading something that said that each object you own has a tiny spider web thread that is energetically connected to you. The more stuff you have, the more of an energetic drain it is on you. I think many of us sense this and this is why we go through stages where we want to clean our entire lives! So how is it that even though we want to be free and live “uncluttered” lives, we remain in the hamster wheel of accumulation?

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Manifesting: Can We? Should We? Get Everything We Want...

Manifesting: Can We? Should We? Get Everything We Want...

What would you say if I told you that you could create the life of your dreams? That you are full of unlimited potential that is just waiting to be tapped. A recent experience in a Manifestation workshop with Jenni Wendell from Just Be Yoga blew my mind...and I wanted to share my revelations with you...

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How To Move From Quantity To Quality In All Aspects Of Your Life

How To Move From Quantity To Quality In All Aspects Of Your Life

Tell me if this sounds familiar - you're trucking along in life, things aren't “great” but they're not terrible either. Yet somehow, you begin to feel the inklings of doubt moving into your consciousness. Am I living the life that I want? Am I in the right career? Am I in the right relationship? Do I need to travel more? Should I move? What is my PURPOSE on this earth?!

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6 Steps For When You Are About To Lose Your Sh#t

6 Steps For When You Are About To Lose Your Sh#t

Anger is a powerful energetic state. It is a deeply unsettling place to be, and it can be harmful to ourselves (my big toe can attest to this fact) and the people around us. For every instance of uncontrolled anger/violent thoughts we are more likely to repeat it and run the risk of creating an unhealthy response pattern.The following 6 steps are for when we are “white hot”, “seeing red”, “about to blow”, “extremely irritated” or any other varying degree of disturbance. 

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Wild Meditations in Life

feathers meditation

What is “Wild Meditations” you ask? You take regular meditation - a mental state of one pointed awareness- and you add a twist of the mystical energy of which every atom in this universe is made of. Simple.

When I think of nature, I think of untamed, limitless, connection. There is something the mind cannot grasp which animates all of life. It rides the currents, our breath, the wind, the veins of plants, animals and even rocks. Wild meditations take our awareness and incorporates the pulse of life teeming inside of us and around us. This pulse is primal and deep. It throbs, it beats, it slithers and dances. It cries, crackles, howls and sings. 

We begin through Wild Meditations to see that the boundary between ourselves and everything around us is incalculably thin. As this understanding dawns so does the sacredness of each breath, each blink of our eyes…each vibration of sound that we encounter. The everyday ordinary or mundane are transformed through this lens into powerful tools of connection.

There are no special tools or gadgets necessary to practice Wild Meditations. Just you. So lets try an exercise together.

Wherever you are, be still for a moment.  Take your awareness to the sounds around you. Listen. Try not to discriminate between pleasant or unpleasant sounds. Let them all in. You will begin to notice that there are layers of sound..some close..some in the distance….some even closer. Take deep breaths as you listen, exploring the vibrations surrounding you. Now begin to notice that beneath all of these layers there is a soft ring. Tune into that. There are even layers within the sounds beneath all of the sounds. This steady ring is always there, always a part of you. Now plug your ears. Let the shuffle of your fingers steady. What do you hear? What is under that? Are the sounds inside of you, around you, or both? Isn’t it magical?


Forgotten but not lost

nature meditation

The fact that we are animals and that we are deeply connected to this earth is not “new” information….I know this….you know this…but we can all admit that we DO forget this…we constantly forget this! I remember a student coming up to me after class after I had read the Mary Oliver poem “ Sleeping in the Forest”. He thanked me for reading the poem and he said he didn’t have time anymore to “go to nature”. I reminded him that HE was nature and the grass outside his office, and the trees and the sky and the birds around him WERE nature..he dismissed what I was saying and said that’s not the kind of nature that he meant. He meant going to a forest like Muir Woods. There was a sense of regret and frustration inside of him. I could feel it. This man, this amazing creature, had forgotten who and what he is. Don’t get me wrong…I know that the feeling you get surrounded by giant redwoods, ferns, moss, dappled sunlight, mushrooms, with that smell of earth and leaves. The sound of wind and hidden creatures…is not the same as the life you encounter outside of your office building or home. The noise of traffic and concrete are powerful veils that disguise the life that is teeming INSIDE of us and AROUND us. Just try taking a walk down the street with a three year old! They will show you…the blades of grass coming up from the cracks in the concrete..the fascinating trail of ants…the slugs, the worms…

This idea that we are separate from nature is hypnotic, persistent and absurd!!! So today..take a deep breath…notice that you are pulling what the mind sees as “outside of you” inward, and what we perceive to be “inside of us” is going out. Separateness is an illusion. Nature is not always somewhere you have “to go to” it is here, now, inside of you.

And just for fun, here is the Mary Oliver poem “Sleeping in the Forest”

I thought the earth remembered me,

she took me back so tenderly,

arranging her dark skirts, her pockets

full of lichens and seeds.

I slept as never before, a stone on the river bed,

nothing between me and the white fire of the stars

but my thoughts, and they floated light as moths

among the branches of the perfect trees.

All night I heard the small kingdoms

breathing around me, the insects,

and the birds who do their work in the darkness.

All night I rose and fell, as if in water,

grappling with a luminous doom. By morning

I had vanished at least a dozen times

into something better.

From Sleeping In The Forest by Mary Oliver 

© Mary Oliver

The Beginnings of a Wild Life

yoga in nature

I want to be real with you here. I don’t live in a yurt…I sometimes eat cinnamon toast crunch cereal. I have yet to howl at the moon while naked (I have done so fully clothed though). I am sitting on my cushy couch wearing basically a socially acceptable blanket (a wool poncho) that I recently purchased from Anthropologie. I am very much a part of the modern world. I understand the desire and draw to remodel kitchens and bathrooms…. What I am hoping to illustrate to you is that I’m not here to judge your life. My personal goal is to re-ignite the wildness that resides in you. To inspire you to live according to your true nature. To reach beyond the “normal” or “conventional bounds” our culture has imprinted onto our minds. 

Each of us are creatures of the wild. Our blood and tears share the salt from the ocean. Our bodies can only survive from the food provided by the earth. Any separateness from nature is an illusion. I can feel this wildness inside of myself..the rhythm of my heart beat and my breath. I can feel it in the ebb and flow of my emotions and passions.

I have found transformative power in opening to this wildness inside of me and incorporating it into my meditation practice. Suddenly the commonplace, the mundane, the dull things in my life began to shift into something I could have never anticipated. 

I invite you to join me here at Wild Meditations, and begin to delve into a practice that will reconnect you to your immutably indigenous and wild self.