Manifesting: Can We? Should We? Get Everything We Want...


“Manifesting 101, The Art of Getting What You Want”, “7 Steps to Manifesting Anything You Want — Including Money”, “Manifestation — Attraction: Always Get What You Wish For”; These are just the first few titles that pop up when I Google “Manifesting”. At first glance, it looks to me like this new age notion of “Manifestation” is a way to continue to be distracted and defined by the outer circumstances of our life. Getting everything that we desire such as the four bedroom house with a den, a “perfect” relationship, the “dream job” that earns a shit ton of money, and while we are at it why not add in the washboard abs. Since I am human, naturally I wanted to get in on the action, I could still be spiritual and have awesome stuff and abs…right? Right.

My own attempts of “manifesting” have been utter failures. Since we first moved into our home 9 years ago I have wanted a new kitchen. I read somewhere that to manifest you just had to envision what you wanted and feel like it was “actually” happening in real time. So I went to Pinterest and started pinning the shit out of my dream kitchen. I would imagine I was walking down our hallway towards this gleaming beautiful space. It felt GREAT! I appreciated every little detail. I could see it so very clearly!

But when I opened my eyes I was confronted with reality… a galley kitchen with countertops original from 1963, hardware circa 1980 something, there is a felt sign inside one of our worn brown cabinets that says “ Our Beer contains Vitamin P” left over from the original owners (..ok, I admit it…I actually love that felt sign). All this focus on what I wanted made it painfully obvious what I didn’t have.  My desire burned palpably filling me with a sense of impatience, disappointment and discontent

When I attempted to manifest in this way it, I was focusing on what I didn’t have and as a result of that, missing all of the blessings that were right in front of me. Wait a minute…I have a HOME!!!! I have this safe square footage on this earth where I drink coffee, and putter around in pajamas. When I look back at photos and videos of my children in this home I don’t cringe at the linoleum floors, instead I marvel at the sound of their sweet voices and their adorable PJ’s. Clearly I was doing something wrong..

In January, I took a Manifestation Workshop with Jenni Wendell at Just Be Yoga in Walnut Creek, CA. My main intention for this workshop was to Manifest the HGTV Dream Home in Washington State which I had been diligently entering to win every morning. My secondary intention was to get clarity on my purpose in 2018. The experience I had in this workshop was completely unexpected and gave me a glimpse into what I had been doing so very wrong this whole time.

What surprised me at first was that we didn’t just get to it and start talking about all of the things we wanted. Instead we meditated and went through a personal process where we uncovered resentments that we held towards others in our life. When I started to write my list of names of people I resented, I had this sudden flash of realization that actually all of my resentments were a result of my own unmet expectations. In realizing this, I saw that I had to work on forgiving myself for causing this pain, not other people. This whole process of forgiveness cleared negativity and brought me into a receptive state of being (this is huge!). 

Following the resentment exercise Jenni had the group share their experiences. Several people also came to the same realization that I had — that their primary resentment was ultimately themselves.  This common thread of recognition was a testament that something larger was at work in this room. 

The next thing we discussed blew my mind…Jenni asked those in the room that were familiar with manifesting what some common pitfalls were. One woman told the story of how she was unhappy with her office space and was coveting (and trying to manifest) a different office in the building. She would contact the building manager often to check in and see if it was available. This went on for some time, but to no avail. Finally she resigned herself to the idea that she had to work with the space she had. She put time and money into creating a comfortable and safe space to have her clients. Many clients noticed this and remarked how lovely her office had become. One day she called the building manager to ask for something simple like a lightbulb, at the end of the conversation the manager mentioned “Oh, and that office space is available! You can move in there in about a week!!” She was stunned and conflicted because now she actually liked the space she already had. 

I had always thought that if I appreciate and enjoy what I had, I would just get more of the same, as in, what I had would not “get better”. I thought that I had to keep a clear picture of my goal steady in my mind (this way of doing it was making me miserable and cranky!) I had been completely misunderstanding this whole law of attraction thing.

Before diving into the final step of manifestation, Jenni guided us to look underneath what we are trying to bring into our lives. For instance, if you are trying to manifest the home of your dreams, instead of focusing on the details of the home, focus on the feelings you have when you are inside the home. A home represents sanctuary; a safe, inspiring, comfortable space to be yourself. If you are trying to manifest a relationship focus on the feelings you have when you are with this person; valued, adored, listened to.

Then came the magic. What took place next is what shocked me the most. After another short meditation where we connected to source (whatever “source” means to you, I called her ‘Universe’) Jenni led us into a writing exercise. We were instructed to write what we were inspired by. What our souls were yearning for. What our soul was calling us to do. When do we feel we are most aligned with our soul’s purpose? Who lights us up? 

I began trying to write about the HGTV Dream home in Washington (my mind is stubborn ok?) Since I had spent considerable time looking at photos of all the rooms I knew what I was looking for…but it wasn’t fitting with the questions. It felt unnatural and forced. So I began to surrender and let the words and ideas flow out of me. Instead of beautiful bedrooms, ocean views and an open concept kitchen, out came; 

Rocks, river, water, bare feet. Heart pumping joy, exhilaration, connection, smiling, horses, fresh fruit, dirt, adventure, my beautiful boys, my husband, Ryan. Healing, love, be, stillness, looking into hazel green eyes framed by eyelashes, movement, laughter, soft cushions, crystals, sand, rain, light filled room, patience, gardens, un-rushed, filled to the brim, tingles. Swimming. Empowered, strong, dissolving veils, music, clarity, paint on my face, drums, feathered beings, mist, fog, morning dew. Stars overhead.

This was not my mind communicating. This was my soul. This was the part of me that has not been conditioned to believe that I need to cling and grasp and search outside of myself for fulfillment. My soul recognizes that I am here to visit for a handful of years and then leave. This is the part of me that wants to experience life and connect with it as it moves through and around me. No detail of the moment lost to some future desire (or fear) or yearning for the past.

My pen continued to fervently scratch across the little pages of my notebook. In between the lines I began to see something forming. I was awed and excited by what was presenting itself. It the end Jenni had us write;

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. So it is.

This experience has completely changed how I perceive manifestation. I learned that when it is done correctly, it is truly a tool to connect with our soul and to the unlimited potential that lies within each of us. My experience taught me that the "things I want" don't necessarily match with what my soul is yearning for.  I am so excited to continue to learn and practice this art form (there is definitely so much more to it!).

I highly highly recommend going to one of Jenni’s manifestation workshops. I have inside information that she will be hosting one on March 18th at Just Be Yoga

To recap, Here are the main things I learned in regards to Manifesting

  • Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude. Notice the blessings already present in your life. Celebrate them.
  • Whisper “thank you” to yourself anytime you see, feel, or realize joy in your life.

  • Instead of trying to manifest while you are driving or other random times, choose a specific time to do it, and dedicate yourself to it. Be present to it.
  • Clear negative energy before practicing; take a moment to pause and notice any complaints or resentments that are lingering in your body. Journal about them, and look for ways to release around them
  • Get up and move, jump up and down, dance to George Michael or Beyonce, do some squats. Shift your energy!!!!
  • Sit or lie down, begin to breathe more deliberately, slowing the breath down. Meditate to connect to source, here is a guided meditation led by Jenni Wendell
  • Get your journal and start asking the good questions:What is your soul yearning for? What is your soul calling you to do? When do you feel you are most aligned with your souls purpose? What lights your soul up? When my soul is lit up where am I? Who am I with when I feel lit up? If I wasn’t afraid, what would I do? If I had unlimited resources, what would I do? 
  • Write write write
  • Ask for “This, or something better”
  • Finish with “Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. So it is. It is my command that this is in my life now.”
  • Remain open as often as possible. Be willing to experience the moments, there is so much more to be discovered in the “mundane”, in the simple, in the now.
  • Remember there is no shortage in the Universe, and YOU are full of unlimited potential
  • Namaste, I love you, you beautiful, beautiful soul.

I Would love, love, love, to hear YOUR experiences with manifestation in the comments below.

You are Nature, 

Love, Nicole