Wild Meditations in Life

feathers meditation

What is “Wild Meditations” you ask? You take regular meditation - a mental state of one pointed awareness- and you add a twist of the mystical energy of which every atom in this universe is made of. Simple.

When I think of nature, I think of untamed, limitless, connection. There is something the mind cannot grasp which animates all of life. It rides the currents, our breath, the wind, the veins of plants, animals and even rocks. Wild meditations take our awareness and incorporates the pulse of life teeming inside of us and around us. This pulse is primal and deep. It throbs, it beats, it slithers and dances. It cries, crackles, howls and sings. 

We begin through Wild Meditations to see that the boundary between ourselves and everything around us is incalculably thin. As this understanding dawns so does the sacredness of each breath, each blink of our eyes…each vibration of sound that we encounter. The everyday ordinary or mundane are transformed through this lens into powerful tools of connection.

There are no special tools or gadgets necessary to practice Wild Meditations. Just you. So lets try an exercise together.

Wherever you are, be still for a moment.  Take your awareness to the sounds around you. Listen. Try not to discriminate between pleasant or unpleasant sounds. Let them all in. You will begin to notice that there are layers of sound..some close..some in the distance….some even closer. Take deep breaths as you listen, exploring the vibrations surrounding you. Now begin to notice that beneath all of these layers there is a soft ring. Tune into that. There are even layers within the sounds beneath all of the sounds. This steady ring is always there, always a part of you. Now plug your ears. Let the shuffle of your fingers steady. What do you hear? What is under that? Are the sounds inside of you, around you, or both? Isn’t it magical?